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ِabout us

New Digital Technology (NewDigTech)is Saudi organization established at 2011 to cope with the increasing demand for specialized e-services.

New Digital Technology (NewDigTech) is characterized by offering the excellence services to its customers.

The staff of New Digital Technology (NewDigTech) is qualified and specialized in their jobs. This reflects its excellence outputs.

Our Mission

New Digital Technology (NewDigTech) ... Excellence E-Services

Our Vision

Provides professional and excellence e-services for hospitality industry, government and public sector.

Our Values

Specialization:because we want excellence for our customers, we are specialist & professional in our work & services.

Quality: the secret behind excellence of our customers is our commitment of quality.

Teamwork: we work with our customers as team work.

Honesty & Truthfulness:is our motto in dealings with our customers.

Express Services:our services is the evidence.

Post-implementation services:excellence in our customers services is our mission because of that we will support our customers excellence every time.